What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

2,000 coffee stoppers (10 x 200).

How do I order?

Please submit your order via email or contact form.

What are your shipping & handling charges?

Charges will depend on weight and dimensions of items ordered and the postcode of the delivery address. A small handling fee will apply in addition to the courier charges.

How do you deliver?

We deliver Australia-wide, via courier. 

Do the stoppers fit my coffee lids?

The stoppers are uniquely contoured to fit snugly inside the standard size oval shaped sipping hole of coffee lids. So called spout lids are not ideal due to the unusual shape of the drinking hole – the stoppers can still be used but they leave a very small amount of room on both sides, which is still a better solution than no stopper at all.

The coffee stoppers are an additional cost. Do I have to be concerned about coffee margin loss?

Absolutely not. When you look at your cost per stopper please keep in mind they usually end up in only a certain amount of coffees sold (10-15%). You are only losing a fifth of what you pay for a stopper. That is a tiny amount, less than a cent and good things always pay for themselves.

The stoppers are solving major pains – coffees getting cold too quickly and nasty spillage during transportation. Solving that pain immediately forges an emotional connection, differentiates your business, generates repeat business & sets you apart in the very competitive coffee space.

I have another question.

Get in touch and we’ll respond quickly.